Eating Strategies for the Holidays

Holiday Eating Healthy

All the holiday festivities provide a lot of time to spend quality time with family and friends. It’s the time of year that you can truly revel in all there is to appreciate in your life and be cheerful for. 

However, for some of us, lurking at those holiday parties is the food that really tests our restraint. You may go into the holiday season with the goal to make healthy choices, but those buffet tables with the seemingly endless array of food send your willpower right out the window. 

But, if you employ a few strategies you’ll have more power to ward off the temptations and keep your goals in check. 

Drink Water

Water creates the sensation of feeling full. Drinking lots of water prior to and during a holiday party not only keeps you hydrated but also wards off the impulse to snack your way through holiday parties. 

Eat Healthy Before Holiday Parties

Preparing prior to the holiday festivities makes you less inclined to indulge during the party. If you arrive at a party feeling famished, it becomes difficult to make a positive, healthy choice during the party. However, if you eat healthy snacks or even a meal prior to the party, you’re less likely to overindulge during the festivities. 

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol prohibits your ability to make healthy choices, and the more you drink, the less you are in control and thinking clearly about the choice you are making. Therefore, limiting your alcohol along with drinking water improves the decisions you make. 

Take a Break

When there is a table of food out during the entire party, it can be challenging to keep your distance from the food which only results in your eating more than you need or intended. After you’ve had a plate of food, take a break of at least 15-20 minutes before returning to the buffet table. This allows your brain to register that you are no longer hungry, and you’ll be less likely to return to the table to load up on another plate of food. 

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