How to Develop a New Healthy Habit

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How many times have you wanted to get into a new habit only to drop it just as quickly as you started? 

If you’ve experienced this conundrum, you’re likely to blame your motivation. However, to build motivation to engage in a new habit, you must slowly but steadily build your motivation. Motivation isn’t something that you just have overnight. Rather, it is something that you work at and strengthen over time.

So, instead of dropping the new habit because you lack motivation, work to build your motivation. 

Here’s how: 

Think of a Goal

Whatever your goal is, think of a goal that correlates. An aspiration aides your motivation and inspires you to keep moving forward even when you don’t really want to.

Start Small

When you think of starting a new habit, start smalls consists of a few things.

First, consider if there are ways that you can break the habit into smaller, more manageable parts that build up to your new habit. For example, if you’re starting a new exercise routine and your goal is to walk for an hour, start by taking two 30 minute walks. 

Chunking your habit into smaller parts allows you to find small successes and strengthen your motivation along the way.

Secondly, if your new habit requires major changes, make those changes in stride. For example, if you’re trying to eat less sugar, consider the small steps you can take to get there. Rather than completely cutting out sugar cold turkey, maybe start by minimizing the number of sugary drinks you consume in a day.

This allows you to work towards your bigger habit change without overwhelming your system and destroying your motivation.

Increase Gradually

As you tackle the small starts to maintaining your new habit, gradually increase those steps to help you achieve your goals. If you’re trying to walk for an hour daily, perhaps you started by walking 30 minutes two times a day. Increase gradually by walking for an hour at a time 2 times a week. This will prove to you that you’re capable while pushing your endurance and motivation.

Stay Consistent

The key to maintaining and successfully implementing a new habit is to stay consistent. Avoid the temptation to take days off, and don’t let more than one day go by without working on the habit. When you’re inconsistent, your motivation lags and it becomes much more difficult to stick to the new habit.

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