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Mindfulness Reflect Holidays Healthy Choices

Mindful eating encourages you to stay aware and present in regards to your food consumption.

With the holiday season upon us, the opportunities to eat on auto-pilot are abundant. With family gatherings and holiday parties, food is often at the center of the celebrations, and, before you know it, you are stuffed without even knowing what you actually consumed. 

These mindful eating tips will help you avoid grazing and empower you to stay in control of what you consume throughout the holidays.

Reflect: Think about how you’re feeling. Are you wanting to eat because you are truly hungry or are you responding to external cues such as emotions or being surrounded by food? If you stop to take the time to reflect on your urge to consume food, you allow yourself to stay present in the moment and make decisions based on the need for food rather than external stimuli. 

Practice Portion Control: With the abundance of food at holiday gathers, portion control can be challenging. You might be confronted with foods that you enjoy but aren’t necessarily health-friendly. Therefore, portion control is crucial to avoid over-consumption. Perhaps you can pick a smaller plate so you cannot fit as much on your plate which will help you manage your intake. 

Slow Down: Eating your food slowly and being intentional about taking the time to chew your food enables you to enjoy what you’re eating. When you are present enough to enjoy what you’re currently eating, you’re less likely to help yourself to more. Additionally, slowing down gives your body time to send signals that you’re full without feeling stuffed before you were even aware you had consumed so much. 

Don’t Force Yourself to Finish

If your body is signaling that you’re full, resist the temptation to finish everything on your plate. You may feel guilty about wasting food, but cleaning your plate when you’re already full has more negative implications for you. Instead, save your food for later when you are really hungry again.

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