Making a change, for good!

So a few months ago Karen Stein was working on her new website and was looking for advice about her logos and some people to write a testimony. I was quick to give my advice but kept avoiding the testimony part. After all, did she really want someone to write a testimony about how they hired her because her brother had a heart attack and she felt like she HAD to start doing something? I was a reluctant client to say the least. I had in my head already the things I would tell her that I wouldn’t do and the foods I wouldn’t stop eating. This Italian carb-a-holic was certainly not giving up her English muffin in the morning that she’d eaten every day for 15 years, or her pasta. NO WAY! So the reluctant journey began. Sure, I started it for my brother and so I could be around for my grand daughter and those yet to come. Karen would show up for our workout at 7:15 pm after a long exhausting day of teaching and I would give it my best (with a lot of sound effects to go with each painful move). I realized I began to enjoy her coming and really was starting to feel a little better. I did start to adjust my eating a little at a time. My English muffin turned into an egg sandwich with cheese, then it became just two eggs with nothing else. My leftover dinner “lunches” turned into a voluminous salad with chicken on it, and I realized I wasn’t missing my carbs at all. The pounds came off very slowly, but the inches were definitely apparent. But even without those, I realized I felt better than I had in years! I could do flights of stairs without getting winded. I could roll around on the floor and play with Marley and get up with ease. Suddenly I realized that I was on a fit for life journey! No one was making me do this and I wasn’t doing it for anyone but me. People started to notice that I looked healthier, thinner, happier! I am getting rid of those clothes that are now too big because I’m not saving them “in case I get big again”. I’m not going back there! Yes, I adjusted my own eating and yes I’m working my butt off. I’ve even added a couple work out classes at the gym. BUT, I wouldn’t be here without Karen Stein and her encouragement, acceptance, and compassion for me. If you need someone to be in your corner for this journey, Karen is the one to be there! Thanks for all you do Karen!

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