Proactive Vs. Reactive Thinking

New Mindset New Results

Sunday is a great day to refresh and reboot. Did you find yourself crushing your workouts and food choices this past week only to feel like you undid everything over the weekend?

No problem. It is a new week.

However, if you do feel like you are frequently in crisis control mode than perhaps you need to change from a reactive to a proactive mindset.

Reactive people typically don’t take responsibility for their actions and consequences. They are constantly putting out fires wondering, how the heck did that happen? Why does this always happen to me?

Proactive people don’t put out fires because they plan ahead for the things they can control. They take responsibility for their decisions and think through the long term consequences.

Fortunately, reactive and proactive attitudes are a choice. You have the power to change and take control over the aspects of your life that are important to you, like your health and fitness.

So, new week, new mindset. According to the wise people at Precision Nutrition, here are some ways to start acting proactively.

  1. Put the responsibility for your success where it belongs–with you. (Of course, I am here to help)
  2.  Focus on where you want to go. How can you be on track to where you want to go?
  3. Control and manage the things you can control and manage. Do the best you can with what you have.
  4.  Anticipate and plan. Look ahead. Few things are truly surprising. Bad weather in winter, long lineups at the airport, or meetings at the office should not come as a shock.
  5. Be solution-oriented, not problem-oriented. Focus on what you can DO right now, rather than how much things suck.

So no matter how much you might feel you messed up last week, or even an hour ago, you have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to take control of the situation.

The ball is in your court. How will you act proactively this week?

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